Getting Married

Now that you have decided to be married, there are many things to be done. All weddings have to comply with the regulations in the Commonwealth Marriage Act. There are forms to be filled out and preparations to be made.

Two Specific Church Requirements
1. Christian marriage normally requires that at least one partner should be baptised.
2. Special dispensation from the bishop is needed for the marriage of a person who has been divorced.

Preparation towards the Day
As early as possible, a date and a time will need to be discussed with Fr Paul by contacting him. There are no weddings on the Saturday between Good Friday and Easter Day.
A meeting needs to be arranged for the couple to meet Fr Paul to fill out a form and discuss the service. These preparation meetings are held at times convenient to all. A non-refundable deposit of 100-dollars needs to be paid at the first interview.
A pre-marriage course is also recommended and can be discussed with Fr Paul.
There is a wedding rehearsal the day before the wedding.

On the Day
The key thing is to be on time.
Your guests should be encouraged to be inside the church ready for you.
Ushers should be organised to help with this.
And please, no confetti inside or outside.
Outside, good old fashioned rose petals are fine. Please let your guests know.

Legal Requirements

Under the Commonwealth Marriage Act the requirements for marriage are as follows–
1. Marriageable Age
Marriage of any person under 18 years without an order of a Judge or Magistrate is invalid. Under NO circumstances can 2 persons under 18 years marry each other. Consents from the parents of a person under age are also required.
2. Witnesses
Witnesses to the marriage must be at least 18 years of age. They may be male or female, relatives or unrelated. Two are required.
3. A Special Form
Those wishing to be married must fill in the official “Notice of Intended Marriage” form. If the marriage does not take place within 12 months of the date appearing on the documents, their validity ceases and the documents must be renewed. The signatures of the parties on the “Notice” are normally witnessed by the celebrant but may be witnessed by a JP or another priest.
The completed “Notice of Intended Marriage” form must be with the celebrant at least one calendar month before the marriage. The Anglican Church does allow people who have been divorced to re-marry but this needs to be approved by the Archbishop. This is done as part of the process with the priest who makes the recommendation.
4. Proof of Age and Identity
Full birth certificates (not extracts) are required, preferably at the first interview.

Wedding Fees

Payment should be made in full at the wedding practice the day before the wedding.

Wedding Fee: which includes the priest, the church, the organist and flowers is one thousand dollars.

Father Paul

For a wedding in an Anglican church the celebrant must be an Anglican priest, appropriately licensed and registered.

Christian marriage includes the taking of the wedding vows in Church, asking God’s help, protection and blessing. This adds to the solemnity of the occasion as each partner makes a loving commitment to the other.

We welcome those who wish to take this step.